The Palmyra Augmented Reality Experience

During the Syrian conflict, the magnificent archaeological monuments of Palmyra, an important historical and cultural site for the people of Syria, have been damaged or destroyed. In an effort to reconstruct what has been destroyed and conserve what is left, the volunteers of the #NewPalmyra project are rebuilding this city’s history in an online database by using crowdsourced photos to help construct 3D models of Palmyra’s monuments.

Through VizworX’s Augmented Reality experience app, Palmyra, users can experience 3D representations of these monuments in their full glory and help keep a rich and vibrant part of Syria’s history and culture alive.

Palmyra's AR Application Features


With Palmyra, users can:

  • Manipulate the map view, obtaining a high-level overview of historic sites in Palmyra
  • Zoom in and out, viewing models at 1:1 or 1:20 scale levels
  • Access detailed descriptions of each monument

Conserving Palmyra's History for the Future

Interested in learning more about Palmyra? Learn about the #newpalmyra initiative at

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