Panoptica Augmented Reality Collaboration Suite

Do you ever wish that you could interact with your 3D models as if they are physically in the room with you before they have even been built? Imagine for a moment a scenario that enabled you to walk up to, duck underneath, walk around, and engage with the 3D models using natural human interactions during an engineering design review meeting as if the models were physically present. Now imagine that you could do this in an environment where your colleagues can be present with you in the same virtual space whether they are physically with you, or located across the globe in different offices.

With the VizworX Panoptica Augmented Reality Collaboration Suite, design review sessions are not only more efficient but they are also more productive!

Panoptica is an Augmented Realty (AR) application that loads 3D models from your desktop and renders them on the Microsoft Hololens and other supported AR Devices. While using the app, the model can be displayed to scale in front of one or more participants while allowing each user to independently interact with and manipulate the model in real-time. These independent collaborative interactions speed up design review conversations and make collaborations about operations, ergonomics, safety, and maintenance in a manner that is simpler, more effective, and much more cost efficient than today's current methods.

Panoptica is perfect for project teams in:

  • Civic Planning
  • Oil, Gas, and Mining industries
  • Building Construction
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Incident and Disaster Investigation
  • and so much more!

Panoptica AR Collaboration Suite Features

With Panoptica, users can:

  • Load models to the Microsoft Hololens and other supported AR devices from a desktop application
  • Interact with the models and collaborate with multiple people in the same virtual space at the same time, regardless of whether they’re in the same room or not
  • Avatar Projections - Have avatars represent remote users and highlight what they are looking at for easy collaboration
  • View the models in their actual size or scale them down
  • Place and rotate models
  • Compare as-built to plan by overlaying optically scanned versions of constructed objects on top of the planned 3D models
  • Measure distances between elements of models
  • Access pop-up tooltips with information about various components in models

Augmented Reality for your Business?

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