Portfolio Projects by VizworX

Utilizing the latest in cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology, VizworX seeks to help organizations improve their strategic planning, communication, and decision-making by developing custom Augmented Reality solutions for a variety of different problems. Whether it’s by helping a company save hundreds of thousands of dollars from potential construction mistakes, assisting in safety assessments, or experiencing lost archeological monuments VizworX is able to design intuitive and interactive augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality based products tailored that can specifically solve your business' problems.

Collaboration with Augmented Reality

Change and manipulate display parameters of 3D models in virtual space. Collaborate with others in the same virtual environment while independently gaining a unique perspective of the 3D models. Discuss perspectives and ideas with users that are either in the same room or remote. This is a key feature in the Panoptica Augmented Reality Collaboration … Read more

Augmented Reality Demonstration

Visualize models in 3D Space to interact with and inspect them in real-time. Independently resize, rotate, and manipulate models to get a closer look. Walk up to, duck underneath, walk around, and engage with the 3D models using natural human interactions as if the models were physically present. This demo showcases a model being inspected … Read more

Augmented Reality for your Business?

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